Beautiful Naminé Kingdom Hearts II Cosplay

When i saw this Beautiful Kingdom Hearts II Naminé Cosplay Photo, the first thing I say is, she looks very pretty, when i she her face, there is not a thing I would change! because you're amazing, just the way you are .. (Lol i just sing bruno mars song xD) but it was true, Anji (the cosplayer behind this Beautiful Kingdom Hearts II Naminé Cosplay) looks very pretty and sweet too, I think that's what makes this Naminé Cosplay photo look nice, I think we all agree with what I say, because I think Naminé Cosplay Costume is very simple, and just look like ordinary dress, well ... however Anji has managed to make Beautiful Naminé Cosplay Photo, and were in line with the existing Naminé in my head, she looks even more beautiful than in my imagination ^^, ummm ... actually not just Namine in this Naminé Cosplay photo, but there are Kairi and Sora too, but the most interesting according to me is Naminé ^^,

I got this Beautiful Kingdom Hearts II Namine Cosplay photo from, Naminé (??? Namine?) is Kairi's Nobody when her heart left her body and entered Sora's body, She has the ability to change or erase the memories of Sora and those close to him by rearranging and creating new links between them, and is called a witch because of it, Naminé first appears in Chain of Memories when she's talking to Larxene, she mentions that she is the shadow of Kairi, being held hostage by Organization XIII, Naminé gives Sora some hints of who is really his friend (which is Kairi) by transforming into Kairi, well Beautiful Namine Cosplay Photo by Anji, Greatt work >.<

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