ARIA Cosplay Cute Akari Mizunashi Cosplay

Cosplayer behind this amazing Akari Mizunashi Cosplay Photo named Uki Asami, I think this is the first time I post Uki Asami Cosplay, and this is also the first time I post Cosplay photo from Aria anime ^^", Uki Asami looks very fit with Akari Mizunashi Cosplay Costume, and also this Akari Mizunashi Cosplay cotume looks very well made and also with a very detailed, oars carried by Akari Mizunashi looks very real and also with high detail, not only that, a wig worn by Uki Asami it looks very real.(actualy I'm not sure it was a wig ^^").

Akari Mizunashi is A native of Japan on Manhome (Earth) who immigrates to Aqua when she is 15 to become an undine, She is depicted as optimistic and cheerful,[11] finding enjoyment in things or events that others think humdrum and mundane,[12] for which Aika and Alice call her "mysterious"; in the anime, Aika and Alice separately comment that Akari seems to attract mysterious phenomena to her, Akari often says Hohe or Hahi, she sounds so cute when she says that ^^" well i took this Akari Mizunashi Cosplay from photo, I love this Akari Mizunashi Cosplay!

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