WWCPJ: Reached Penang, Malaysia!

Yeay!! I'm so excited ^_^ Should have updated earlier but I didn't I don't know why. Anyway, those of you whoh follow TCC's Facebook page would have heard the news. World wide Cospalyer Photo journey has reached Malaysia!!!!

This is the photo taken by Riko, the 5th participant ^_^. Stolen from her Facebook without permission =X *hides* And I wonder if Riko deliberately folded the scarf so as to hide the doodle/excitement o_o

I'm so excited whenever I think about WWCPJ. And guys, the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey is STILL ON GOING. I know the initial plan was for it to end by December 2010. But as the mailing took much longer than expected, coupled with high request from you guys, I've decided to extend it till June 2011 =). So for those of you who are still interested, pop over to the WWCPJ page (wwcosplayer.vze.com) and leave a comment with your email ^_^!!

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