Some Cute Tsubaki Cosplay From Soul Eater

This is some cute Tsubaki cosplay From Soul Eater, most of these cosplay photo I found on the Internet, just as usual, I never intended to claim this photo as mine xD ok, no offence, but I think the most suitable to be Tsubaki is an oriental girls ^ ^, they look more cute and most importantly, Tsubaki is a ninja, and ninja came fromJapan: 3. at least that's what I imagine when I read the manga lol.

But, when I saw some Cosplay pictures ... lots of  Tsubaki cosplayer from the west, which made me change my mind and started to change Tsubaki in my mind, they are also suitable as Tsubaki xD, and they started to make me ask ... where she from?. (it is notdiscussed as long as I read the manga: D).

Cosplay Tshubaki By Kukkii-san
This cosplayer named Kukkii-San, I agree with what Kukkii-san said, Tsubaki costume ... very risky!!! because it is very openand super s3xy, Especially this one. lol
but the guy would love to see it: D hehehe, well this is only the art of cosplay, is not a pornographic picture ^ ^. nice cosplay.

And this one cosplayer name is Richie Dela Merced.
I just found this picture of devianart, she looks cute with Tsubaki costume ^ ^. I waited for the next photo. : 3 I Love ITxD

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