Nice Maka Cosplay From Soul Eater

Maka Albarn, is a main character in SoulEater, he is a user Scythe,he is a dominant girl. she looks cute with big Scythe. This some photos of cosplay which I think is very close to the Maka character, (Maka in my imagination  D) they look cute, and of course with no awkward poses, they are very reassuring.

This Nice Maka Cosplay From Soul Eater, I do not find out who the cosplayer ... I'd be more happy if it knows who the cosplayer, so I can see another photo of her cosplay:3 so I'm sorry for not include the name of the original owner of this picture ^ ^ "

I think they both are girls o.o? ummm ... yeah I think that becameSoulEater Evan also was a girl. arrrgggg xD .... whatever, girl orguy, as long as they look very much enjoyed his cosplay, and this isa very nice cosplay ^ ^. nice job. I waited for the next cosplay photo:3

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