Another Amazing Konan Cosplay From Naruto Anime

Another Amazing Konan Cosplay From Naruto Anime
Konan already has many fans including me ^ ^. she looks always cry in her heart, I think I want to make her smile lol. when I was looking for material for my college, so instead I see pictures of cosplay, and finally found some amazing Konan cosplay pictures! I've been posting some pictures Konan cosplay before, This is another Konan cosplay,

I found this Cosplay picture from deviantART postsed by Poison Wind, yes ... this is really cool Konan cosplay, she looked blank, she managed to show an empty hearts of Konan ^^, although she's not Asian but she could replace Conan in my imagination. its amazing cosplay.

And this one was also found at deviantART, posted by Bayuna, earlier I think the both picture is the same person, because they are very similar at a glance (just my opinion ^^"), I think it'swill be the only Bayuna's cosplay, because she said "I always Had the opinion That Should ppl do just asian cosplay ... but it was fun to do it once "I think her opinions was wrong ^^, she was very good in cosplay. I hope Bayuna will continue to do Cosplaying, its beatiful cosplay.

You can see the original site here

I hope they do not mind, I added the name to their cosplay photo

Please note, most of these Cosplay photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine, cosplay photo is wholly owned by the cosplayer, I'm just a fan of cosplay who want to share cosplay photos with other cosplayer, Although I added the name of the cosplay character and the cosplayer inside the picture. Love the Cosplayer!!

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