Animax iPresent!

Thos of you who have been following me on Twitter would see me tweeting about this. Just had a free & easy Skip beat photoshoot with Sour_cheese last saturday. Took the chance to film my 2 entry for the Animax iPresent Championship!

image Presenting Hayate the Combat Butler! Don’t ask me how I can get into that pose just presenting Anime @_@;;

image Presenting K-ON!

Click on the pictures to watch the videos and vote by giving me 5 stars xD. Since this is a competition for the chance to be one of the finalist at STGCC, I would appreciate it if you guys actually pop over and vote for me ^_^;; But of course, only if you liked my performance here.

Haven’t seen any of the pics from Saturday yet but we had some really nice shots. Looking forward *w*!

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