WWCPJ continues! and misc updates

HOMG!!! Those who follow me on twitter would have known this good news!


Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey has finally moved over to the next candidate/country!!! Hiroky from Mexico has finally received her parcel after some massive delays by the Santiago Post Office staff!  So much thanks to our 1st participant, Asakura, for helping to bang tables at the Santiago Post Office and demanding we know the truth on the whereabouts of the parcel! The parcel would never have moved on if not for her!


Hiroky kindly took a photo of the scarf and Asakura’s handiwork. Isn’t it lovely?!?! Hiroky will be selecting the next candidate soon so hurry up and comment over at the main page or the first blog entry. For ease of calculating, I have decided that only comments at those two entry will be considered for participation =) Of course, there’s no stopping you from commenting on this page to celebrate xD!

I am so excited about the project ^_^ Look forward to my write up about Cosplay at Mexico soon! I’ll try my best to churn it out while rushing for AFA.


081020102359 While we’re on that note, how’s everyone’s AFA costume coming along? I already know I’ll be rushing the midnight oil T_T

I have professional help this time round for one of my top but I’m still so deadeadead on everything else. *heavy sigh* With this in sight, I’d like to apologies for the possible slow in updates from now till AFA. Sometimes I wonder why I make my own life so difficult =\

Anyone able to guess what costume this is xD?

Oh also randomly asking, anyone going to E.O.Y ? They have an interesting Booth category this year and I’m tempted to get a booth so I can play games with you guys! But the blardy $49 does not include admission tickets=_=. I have a few funny ideas I’d love to do/play with you guys at E.O.Y but I don’t think I can do it alone T_T I need sponsors! Argghhh so much to think and do!



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