WCS 2010: Results out!!

Photo by Damien, Animania Festival

The highly anticipated Cosplay event of the year has finally drawn the red curtains. Below are the results taken from World-Cosplay-Summit Group. Much thanks to Wakaleo for his prompt ENGLISH updates! Following the official WCS tweeter on erm, twitter was an annoying torture of trying to guess/figure out what was going on based on the visual uploads (read: I DUN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE OKAYZ?!)

1st Italy 98
2nd/3rd places Brazil 97 and Thailand 97
4th/5th Places France 90 and Korea 90
6th China 83
7th Spain 81
8th Japan 80
9th Denmark 79
10th Australia 78
11th USA 77
12th Singapore 75
13th Mexico 74
14th Germany 67
15th Finland 61

Apparently, this year, they have some sort of point judging system. Very harsh imho but definitely a fairer and more transparent system. Maybe Singapore Cosplay Competition organisers can learn a thing or two from them?

Kudos to all the representatives and especially team Singapore =) Each and everyone of you are winners and should hold your head high in pride! Banzai to all and till the excitement come again next year!

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