The Game Xpo 2010: Day 1, Photo Pimp 2

Again, apologies for the delay. So much have been consuming me. Judging from my update rates I’m sure you guys will forgive me right xD *takes out bloody chopper*

Anyway, more of photos and less of nonsense talk!

10Jul10_TGX 016

10Jul10_TGX 093

Durarara! She had the vending machine and I requetsed for her to try carrying it. Which she very nicely obliged

10Jul10_TGX 096 10Jul10_TGX 097 10Jul10_TGX 098 

but apparently…its really quite heavy =X

 10Jul10_TGX 100

FWARHHHH~!! *Smashes vending machine*

And then begun the scary omake photos….

10Jul10_TGX 102 10Jul10_TGX 104

Xiaobai as Luffy with her fishballs which look weirdly suitable.  Mitsuki as a character from Guuren Lagann with fishballs that didn’t really go with her XD.

10Jul10_TGX 109 Notice the faces behind, thank you.

10Jul10_TGX 110 10Jul10_TGX 111 10Jul10_TGX 112

Top Left: That would have been an awesomely cute pic if not for the hand. Try guessing who’s hand that is xD

Top right: moar photo bomb!

Left: I’ll..leave this to your imagination




   10Jul10_TGX 123 

Fang selling Buns. 3 for $100. I swear I didn’t quote this price, she did!


10Jul10_TGX 124

And it was Sheryl’s buns! I mean erm, you know, steamed Chinese buns.



10Jul10_TGX 127 Karakuni as Kurapika!

10Jul10_TGX 130 10Jul10_TGX 131 10Jul10_TGX 133  Kawaii~10Jul10_TGX 135 10Jul10_TGX 136

Skye as someone from Pandora Hearts?

10Jul10_TGX 139 10Jul10_TGX 141 10Jul10_TGX 140 10Jul10_TGX 144

Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan!

10Jul10_TGX 148 I think Sakana was doing 5 stars story?10Jul10_TGX 149

10Jul10_TGX 001

Our Inuran as Miku

10Jul10_TGX 153

10Jul10_TGX 156

Sakura Zaki as a character from Umineko?

 10Jul10_TGX 158 10Jul10_TGX 159

I have no idea who these guys were cosing but they were quite funny. They kept runnign around and ‘tackling’ each other ahha.


10Jul10_TGX 160 10Jul10_TGX 164 10Jul10_TGX 167

Ranma 1/2 !!!

Both cosplayers were very cute and when they saw us running over (yes, embarrassing u_u) , they even asked if we want another pose from them to get a better shot. ^_^!

10Jul10_TGX 169 Someone brought big ass lights to the event hall o_o

 10Jul10_TGX 003

Chrono!10Jul10_TGX 006 Black Rock Shooter!

10Jul10_TGX 008

 10Jul10_TGX 009 10Jul10_TGX 011

10Jul10_TGX 012 10Jul10_TGX 013 10Jul10_TGX 014 

Huhuhurrrrr omake fang!

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