What does your parents think about Cosplay?

wanbao_cosplay_articleMuch thanks to Maria for bringing our attention to this small article posted on Singapore’s local daily evening paper.

For those of you who don't understand Chinese, I’ve done a lousy translation below. I don’t claim to be good/accurate but at least I’m better than Google Translator ^^;;;


He is usually a normal working adult but some times, he changes into a ”Death God” . Lim Yong Hong (23 years old, administrative worker) spent $120 last weekend, making his own Death God costume from the Japanese Animanga title; ‘Death God’ (Anyone knows the Japanese title?) and went to Downtown East to perform (direct translation here :P)

Cosfest 2010 is an event co-organised by NTUC and SCC Square. Attendees for the event are all dressed up as different Japanese Animanga characters.

Most of the demographics are students but there are many working adults as well, like Lim Yong Hong.

In our interview with Lim Yong Hong, he mentioned that his parents have disapproved of this hobby before but he doesn’t mind.

“After a year or so, they have come to terms with it and don’t want to care about it/me already”

Another lady named Lim Ruo Yu (20+ years old, Designer) holding a scythe and a skull head, is cosplaying as the main character from a new Japanese anime (obviously didn’t bothered to do much research).

She has cosplayed for 10 years . And for this costume, she spent nearly $800. The costume she wears is also made by herself. Fiber glass (?) is used for her armour. Her friend Wu Yi Hua(25years) has also spent 2 months on her costume.

==== translation of article in the purple column ====


Many parents do not disapproves of their child doing cosplays, in fact, some even help to make props for them.

According to Wang Xin Hui (15 years) who was cosplaying as a character from “Demon dispelling shounen” (okay, I seriously need help in finding the Japanese title=_=|| ) along with Chen An Na (16 years), both their parents are very supportive.  Wang Xin Hui’s big Hammer is even made by her parents who spent an entire day on it.

According to Chen An Na, “The materials are bought with my own savings, I did not particularly spend anymore of my parent’s money. With this hobby, I’ve gotten the chance to meet many like minded people henceforth my parents are both very supportive”


DSC_0051 copyThis article is a classic example of how typography is superbly ultilised. And how one can make your content juicier and more attention catching than they really are.

Really gotta give it to the peeps behind this write up. Not only have they successfully garnered the attention of their regular readers, they have also drawn in attentions from outside their usual demographics, (albeit negative or positive attention, I can't comment) to their publication. What a great media tactic.

Isn't it interesting how a simple change in perspective,  usage of words and grammar can result in totally different meaning? I'm always very amazed by how one can subconsciously manipulate the thoughts of others with words alone. Death Note, Monster and Lelouch of the Rebellion anyone xD?

*Giving out flyers is a great promo tactic! No bunny suit deducted  points though =X *


On a totally different note, check this grammar video (below) out just for lols xD

My mom don't like me spending time on cosplays and she's forever chiding me for the amount of rubbish I've accumulated.

P1110510Yuanie doing some costume stuffs at my place ^_^

The most annoying part comes when I start drafting or sewing my annual costumes. And my mom will start commenting that I "keep doing these things" when I obviously don't! In case you guys haven't realized, my cosplay quota per annum is very low. Meaning to say, I really should cosplay more but am not.

IMG_9123 copy
Suzumiya terrorising Oofuris XD

So I personally find it frustrating and unjust to be told that when  I (personally feel)  have dedicated most of my waking time to other people or work and when I use what's left of my time to do my own hobby, I have to be told that =_=. It makes me feel like she feels I’m just wasting time doing needless stuffs. Of course, I do understand why the older generations are a little susceptible to Cosplays  so to their disapproving response, I can only ignore or roll my eyes.

Another awfully fine example of how the older generations disapproves of cosplays can be seen at Cosplay events held in public places. How many of you have tried changing/doing your cosplay make up at a public toilet before? And how many of you have gotten “shooed out” or received rude comments from the toilet cleaners before? 

Share with me your experience in the comments.

10Jul10_TGX 055
Jesuke, me and Noshuu. Taken last saturday @ TGX

Sigh, I personally have a lot of such experiences. Many a times I really feel like retorting straight in their face to shut them up. But…. let’s just say I’m usually both too tired from costume rushing and too panicky (with costume changing) to bother with people of their level.

Or maybe somewhere in my heart I feel guilty, for being the “problem”.  It’s a difficult scenario to assess who is right and who is wrong =\ More on the topic of public/event unhappy incidents next time. We experienced a lot of unhappy drama last weekend at TGX. Would probably blog about it in another entry. 

Can’t believe I spent so much time on this entry again *palms forehead*. Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you guys feel!

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