Cosfest 2010, Day 2: Photo Pimps!

Finally back with some cosfest photo pimps! Enjoy the photographs^_^!

4thJul10_Cosfest 003 copy

Sangoku Basara? Love the 6 katanas!

4thJul10_Cosfest 010 4thJul10_Cosfest 008

Anyone have any idea what this thing is? It was with a bunch of very detailed costume cosplayers

4thJul10_Cosfest 017 copy

Fumoffu with ? xD

4thJul10_Cosfest 020 copy

Am very amused both cosers from different series looked like they were posing together hahahah xD. SUPER CUTE FUMOFFU!!! Argh, if I had known it was Kawo inside, I’d have jumped onto it <3

4thJul10_Cosfest 022 copy

Saw a Nell, Rin and Len cosplayers playing toy cards on the floor of the event ^^;; They looked really young (Age appropriate!)

4thJul10_Cosfest 023

Len was holding a banana plushie! so cute ^^

4thJul10_Cosfest 025 copy

With conductor Rasull!!!! I’m always amazed with how he always managed to recognise me despite my different haircolours and costumes!

4thJul10_Cosfest 026 4thJul10_Cosfest 029

Sakurazaki was doign a version of Luka cosplay with a veryvery long train!

 4thJul10_Cosfest 030 copy

4thJul10_Cosfest 035 copy 

4thJul10_Cosfest 041 copy

camwhores with Skye


4thJul10_Cosfest 042 4thJul10_Cosfest 043

Jill as Ranka =)

4thJul10_Cosfest 055 copy

4thJul10_Cosfest 059 copy

San Guo Yan Yi? Sima Yi and Guan Gong?

These 2 guys were awesome! Very in character and totally looking the part! They prove that there’s a cosplay for pretty much everyone xD

EDIT: 关羽 (Guan Yu) and 诸葛亮 (Zhu Ge Liang) from Sangoku. Thanks to Maria for pointing out

4thJul10_Cosfest 062

The Guan Gong is hands down  THE BEST I’ve ever seen!!!!

4thJul10_Cosfest 065

Drefan ’s awesome cosplay of Mitsurugi from Soul caliber 4! I absolutely hates taking photographs inside the Dome =_=. This pic is hilarious cos it looks liek DRefan is cutting the head of that guy off =X Sorry to random passerby, that was not deliberate.

4thJul10_Cosfest 066 4thJul10_Cosfest 069 4thJul10_Cosfest 070

I filmed a costume interview with Drefan so look forward to it! Much thanks to Drefan for allowing me to film.

 4thJul10_Cosfest 074 4thJul10_Cosfest 075 4thJul10_Cosfest 077

4thJul10_Cosfest 0784thJul10_Cosfest 084 4thJul10_Cosfest 083

Takariel and her Final Fantasy 8 team! Nostalgia much!!!!

4thJul10_Cosfest 085

4thJul10_Cosfest 0884thJul10_Cosfest 089 4thJul10_Cosfest 086 So stills from the video I filmed xD The team was playing a game with me *hurhurrhu* Look forward to the video xD






4thJul10_Cosfest 091

Camwhoring with Maria who was cosplayign as…….a character from I CANNOT REMEMBER AGAIN LAH!

4thJul10_Cosfest 092

Olucia also LOVES ME!

 4thJul10_Cosfest 094

DDtenka, Olucia and ?? cosplaying as Okita, Chizuru and Saito from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan!

And then we realised….it was the same gang of cosplayers from this *points to photo below*

4thJul10_Cosfest 097

I didn’t force them to do this. They volunteered =X *LOLS at DDtenka* XDD


4thJul10_Cosfest 099 4thJul10_Cosfest 1024thJul10_Cosfest 103 4thJul10_Cosfest 104

More video stills from the game HURHURHUR

4thJul10_Cosfest 109

Jia-er, Val, Ariki and Dan-TheFarmer  cosplaying as character from Murakihyo wo MagMurarihyon no Mago(SPELL? I’m sure I got this wrong!)


4thJul10_Cosfest 110 4thJul10_Cosfest 111

I love this pic > w <

4thJul10_Cosfest 122 4thJul10_Cosfest 121

4thJul10_Cosfest 117 

4thJul10_Cosfest 123 

Caught in action noshuu being very cute xD

4thJul10_Cosfest 125

Noshuu cosplaying as a character from Cloth Road!

4thJul10_Cosfest 127

Just Be Friends!!!!! It was pretty surprising to see someone cosplay this version. And if anyone knows the Luka cosplayer, let her know I’m sorry for rejecting her attempt to communicate(with noshuu?) that day. Bleh, this sounds so scandalising already X_X.

I was filming/interviewing Noshuu’s  Cloth Road cosplay when she came in halfway, probably not knowing we were in the midst of filming, requesting for maybe  a photo with Noshuu. But I interrupted her immediately and explained we were in the midst of filming. I’m still feeling a little apologetic for that X_X

If I accidentally upset anyone during events, I give my sincere apologies =\

4thJul10_Cosfest 128

Fate.Stay night Team =)

Alright, I’m gonna end the entry here. Look forward to Part 2 soon!

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