Worldwide Cosplayer Project Blogloc!

Wheee I just added a blogloc (Blog location) gadget onto the side bar xD This little gadget here shall help us keep up to date with the parcel’s future locations! So exciting yeah XD???

Which is also why, every receiver of the parcel MUST email me at Elpheal (a) whenever they receive the parcel so I can update the blogloc and keep everyone in the loop !

I’m prolly going to do a live stream videoing of myself picking up the next receiver with my randomising program xD That would so heighten the fun and anticipation XD Hahahah I’m sinking hopelessly deep into this project 8D But I don’t knowwwwwww, what do you guys think?

I’m also intending to film a Vlog of myself putting the scarf and souvenirs into the envelope, sealing it and then posting the article at the Post Office hahha! I think subsequent receivers(of the article) can also do the same and then post a response video to mine XD How fun HAHHA!!!!Let me know what you guys think okay???

Also, I know you can zoom into the google map and see my precise location. but erm, obviously I don’t live in Orchard (for those of you who do not know, Orchard is like one of the most EXPENSIVE piece of land to live on in SG). I deliberately set the location there for privacy purpose.
And the same will go for the rest of the participators. I will only put their location on a random or iconic place in their country or state. Privacy ;)

EDIT: HAHHAHAHHA I Changed the location to The Istana. Since I’m cheating, might as well go all the way HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!. go read up where and what that place is if you have no idea XD

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