Worldwide Cosplayer, Photo journey Project??

Have any of you seen this website, a couple of years ago, that documents the journey/process of a letter in the post office? I think it was a School project of some sort and what the students did was send a self addressed article out to themselves with a disposable camera attached to it.

What came back was a lot of fun photos of the staffs working in the Post Offices.

I had a sudden eureka this morning. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, I have no freakin idea either (pun intended XD). And its similar to the idea above. But of course, ‘cosplay-fied’

Aug09 011

So the idea is, I’ll send out a snail mail with a disposable camera and notebook to a foreign cosplayer. Then the cosplayer will take photo of herself/costumes/event/room/etc , pen his/her comments on the notebook then send it to ANOTHER cosplayer in either another State or Country.

30jan10_SOYB 005

This snail mail link will go on and on until either 1) camera runs out of negatives/battery 2) Christmas 2010. The last person will send it back to me and I will post everything here =)

11thOct08_Ep1_Suzumiya 071 copy

What do you guys think? 

I really hope I’ll go through with this haha. As for the first round of sending from me to the next cosplayer, I’ll probably run a volunteer/participants request here to see who’s interested.

But do you guys find this idea cool/interesting? Should I go ahead with it? LET ME KNOW by commenting nao!

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