I dun care wad ppl say abt rereading old series. I just like it ToT!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh kenshin is loveee! Can i just jump into the book and hug him from behind NAO?! Now on vol 16. Kenshin vs Soujirou.

And argh! A good story is a good story. Why should age or format of presentation matter?

I understand everyone likes new stuffs but why should reminisicing the past be bad? Why should rereading an old series be seen as.... I dunno, weird?

And why should mangas/comics/anime be forever deemed 'childish' or 'unpresentable' because it was designed for teenagers?

*shrug* I guess I'm just an oddball. Don't mind my random rambles. Off to read again.

Ps: but seriously, any of you agree with me?

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