Naruto Cosplay >> Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi characterized with glazed eyes, white hair, his left eye covered Konoha head protector, always memeakai ninja mask! and always carry a book adult novel "Icha-Icha Paradise" which is a work of Jiraiya. According to Sakura, Kakashi is always put on face offs so that he seems not to have authority. however, Kakashi is the former chairman Anbu  (Konoha special police unit) and has a great jutsu, one that took the opposite stance duplication.
Kakashi's unique thing is the mouth and nose, which was never disclosed. The most annoying behavior for Naruto and his friends is the habit is seldom arrive on time (late 3 hours to 12 hours) with a silly excuse like "I got lost on the road called life," or "On the road I met an old woman,". kekekekekeke not it funny?
adalh character kakashi's cool, and the Cosplayer definitely need a great effort to mimic her style ^ ^.

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