K-On on Animax!

Wooo~ another cosplay baito!

I love cosplay baitos (part time) that provides free costumes (to wear, not take home =/) because they give me the opportunity to do characters I otherwise would never =3


Cutepetz as Ritsu, Inuran as Mio, Kaika as Yui and Yuanie as Mugi

And the series in focus today is K-on! Animax has launched 2 new series on their channel; K-On and Kaichou Meido. And we were gathered to help share the news.

Oh, and if you wanna flame me because you think I’m being a sell out. Go ahead. I don’t give a d*mn =)

 P1110380 AyaTenshi as Misaki, Frank as Takumi

The place of event was at The Padang. Sadly for us, it poured heavily in the morning so the field was really muddy when we reported for work. The mud was everywhere and moving around posed such a big difficulty. We were literally playing chess with the field (looking down  trying to figure out which is the least muddy place to step on). By the first hour, our shoes and socks were already very muddy.

Try figuring out which feet belong to whom xD

 P1110387 P1110388 P1110390 P1110391 P1110389

But I guess we ought to be thankful that it didn't rain in the later half of the afternoon. Raining while we work would be even more FOL (=_=). The day was as usual, sunny and humid and we were sweating buckets in our blazer and stockings. Thankfully the material of the costume wasn’t too thick and the skirts were *cough* short enough to allow ventilation.


Too short, in fact, for the other 3 ladies especially poor cutepetz who towers above us all. It’s one of those rare times I feel secretly happy for being petite. And whenever the wind blew we would all be in a crazy chaos to hold our skirts down.


I am a failed Yui I know. I don’t have a ‘moe’ face =(

Okay, I exaggerated. We didn’t really get into that messy/fanservicey/embarrassing situations often. But not because the skirt wasn’t as short as I described but because … there WAS NO FREAKIN WIND! BLARDY HUMID CAN?!?!

P1110386With Mio and Mugi! Can’t believe I left Ritsu out T_T!

But its a new experience to be giving out fans and flyers at a sports, hip hop and family oriented event instead of the usual Animanga events. A football tournament of some sort was going on there so we got to talk to some foreign athletics too.

Wearing a blazer and wig under the hot sun is bleah! Trying to get random people to accept our flyer was even more bleah!

I got told straight and angry in my face a big fat "NO!!" (no to the flyers) once. But i guess its my own fault for following other's instruction blindly. The couple whom I tried to approach were in the midst of some debate/ argument and I didn't really wanted to approach them.

But for some weird reason yuanie thought it was okay and 'suggested' I approach them. Yes, its a bloody stupid decision on my part oTL. Point to note, next time . . . believe in my own common sense =.="


According to Animax, these costume made by Alodia.


No “moe” face still =_=. Yuanie looks very cute though.


Oh no… cutepetz got croped out in the stills of this random video we took in the lift xD


Okay, so I had a very packed weekend infused with cosplays, meet ups and saikanging so I’m dead tired now. I’m popping into bed. More updates soon~!

Comment if you think we’re cute! LOLZ *gets slapped*

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