Angel Sanctuary Cosplay : Alexiel

Alexiel, One of the most powerful angels ever created, Alexiel rebelled against against God due to the corrupt practices occuring in Heaven. She was born from Adam Kadmon to love God, but she could not deny her love for her twin brother, Rosiel. As punishment for her actions, she is doomed to an endlessless cycle of reincartions into be miserable lives, each of which ends in a tragic death.

Now, I have two different images with the same source that is Devianart, before, I think to display one image Cosplayer, but both look cool with stunning photography, so I decided to incorporate both of them ^ ^.
in the first picture, the Cosplayer's name is Etaru, he's very fit as an angel, she's very pretty ^ ^.
in the second picture, I also find it at Devian art, but I do not know Cosplayer's name, there is only the mention "blackMage9" I do not think that his real name. however ... Here I have two very beautiful cosplay photo. This is very amazing cosplay. great work ^ ^.

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