Amaterase Cosplay Team in korea

Someone recently pimped me a cosplay performance on youtube. It was so cool I went to check out the uploader’s channel and discovered that it features performance video by this group of Korean Cosplay team called Amaterase.

I can’t seem to find more information about them on english google. But from the video description it seems like the group comprised of fourteen members, three of them were World Cosplay Summit representatives for Korea.

Which led me to think, they are the same bunch of people who this this epic D Gray Man Cosplay in 2007.


Rurouni Kenshin will forever have an important place in my heart =) I especially love 2:10 where soujirou turned and some sparks flew! HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!?!!


Did you see the amount of awesome fight stunts in there? I just wish I could understand what they are talking =\

Love their body language and really really agile moves! You’d think they are the game characters themselves! The mostest awesomest thing you can do when cosplaying a fighting character is to be able to FIGHT! A lot of armor cosplay falls short in this area and is too bulky to even move. But Amaterase’s team did a pretty good job making sure nothing falls out from their costume while they execute their fantastic gymnastic/stunt moves xD

Check the videos out!! I think they really bring cosplay performance and character portrayal to greater heights. Something I hope Singapore can match up soon.

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